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The Program

2019 Delta Institute Dog Behaviour Conference

Take the Lead: Exploring the Relevance of Dog Emotional Health in Training

This conference brings Sarah Heath, a specialist in behavioural medicine from the UK to speak exclusively for the Delta Institute.

This conference is specially tailored to dog trainers, vets and vet nurses and other pet industry professionals.

Book your spot now to hear about the latest research into dog emotional health and the relevance to behaviour and training.

Sarah Heath

Mercure Sydney International Airport 16th & 17th February 2019


  • Emotional Motivational Systems and How to Improve Canine Learning
  • The Role of the Trainer in Geriatric Care - How to Improve Quality of Life for the Geriatric Dog
  • The Importance of Emotional Relaxation and How It Differs from Physical Stillness
  • Rehabilitation Training and Emotional and Physical Health in Animals
  • The Effects of Emotional Illness on Behavioural Responses
  • The Benefit of Teamwork between Veterinary Behaviourists and Rehabilitation Trainers
  • Dogs, Cats, and Kids - Positives and Potential Problems and Household ManagementRegister now


DAY 1 - 16th February 2019

DAY 2 - 17th February 2019