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Supporters and Exhibitors


Ian Potter Foundation Logo

Dr Sarah Heath's visit has been supported by the Ian Potter Foundation.

The Ian Potter Foundation is one of Australia’s major philanthropic foundations. The Foundation makes grants nationally to support charitable organisations working to benefit the community across a wide range of sectors including the arts, environment, science, medical research, education and community wellbeing. The Ian Potter Foundation aims to support and promote a healthy, vibrant and fair community for the benefit of all Australians.

 Pet Behaviour Vet Logo

A veterinary behaviour referral service for dog trainers, veterinarians, dog walkers and other pet professionals.

Qualified behaviour veterinarian Dr Joanna McLachlan and Delta accredited trainer Bea Labady perform house calls, phone consultations and visits to selected vet clinics to assess and treat dogs and cats with anxiety disorders and other medical causes of behavioural problems.

Kong Logo

In 1976 KONG established “the standard” for dog toy performance and durability. KONG toys are recommended by veterinarians, trainers and satisfied customers worldwide. From the original rubber KONG to our plush and interactive toys, KONG delivers solutions for your dog’s enrichment needs. Millions of dogs globally have confirmed that KONG is – THE WORLDS BEST DOG TOY.

Hills Logo  

The Company Inspired by a Guide Dog Hill’s™ Pet Nutrition began in 1939. Dr. Morris believed certain health conditions in pets could be managed through carefully formulated nutrition. A blind man whose guide dog, was having kidney issues, asked Dr. Morris if anything could be done. The result was the nutritional formulation that became the first product in Hill’s therapeutic range. His ideas were visionary in veterinary medicine.


Our Prescription Diet™ and Science Diet™ pet foods offer the highest-quality pet nutrition available. We’re making a difference for pets all over the world. Hill’s supports local animal

welfare groups and has fed over 80,000 pets.

Balanced Life Logo

Over many years we’ve seen how tastes in human food have moved from heavily processed food to quality, healthy, natural ingredients.

As dog lovers we want to see the same thing happen with pet food. Balanced Life is the result of years of hard work to deliver a convenient food packed full of the best healthy, natural Australian ingredients.

We wanted to ensure our food is as healthy as possible for as many dogs and cats as possible, which is why we enlisted vets to help create it.

The result is a dog food that is bursting with goodness, works for any life stage and is endorsed by vets across Australia – not many foods can say that.

Pet Perspective

Dr Jen of Pet Perspective is a behaviour vet offering solutions to complement your force-free puppy classes.  The Puppy Manual is an essential guide for new owners, tailored to your business. Now in 2019, it’s accompanied by online video courses, PowerPoint presentations, handouts and more!