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About Us

Delta Institute member logoWhat is the Delta Institute?

The Delta Institute is the accrediting body for positive reward based trainers who have undertaken the national accredited training course conducted by Delta.

The Institute's role is to provide support, recognition and accreditation as well as ongoing education and peer support for graduates of our course.

It is also a go to place for pet owners to find professional and accredited trainers. 

So look out for this logo when choosing a good trainer. 


The Delta Institute Advisory Board

The Delta Institute is governed by an Advisory Board who report to the Delta Society Board. 

Hollee James – Chair

HolleeHollee has been with Delta Society for 17 years and is responsible for the overall management of staff, finances, projects and initiatives to develop Delta Society and the Delta Institute. Her strengths are in finance and education and she is an avid cat lover.






Lila is responsible for coordinating the Certificate IV course and Membership areas of the Delta Institute. She has a background in media archiving, and a passion for research and continuing education. She has a cat named Max and also fosters cats.




The Delta Institute Committee

Our committees are made up of a broad range of students, lecturers, graduates, dog owners and dog training experts selected and invited by Delta.

The committees consists of the following members:

Education Committee

  • Janice Adams (Delta Institute Member)
  • Lisa Edward (Delta Institute Member)
  • Adele Lindley (Delta Institute Member)

Marketing and Fundraising Committee

  • Leah Watson (Delta Institute Member)

Membership & Compliance Committee

  • Sharon Crichton (Delta Institute Member)
  • Leah Watson (Delta Institute Member)
  • Agi Herman (Delta Institute Member)
  • Lila Tillman (Course/Membership Coordinator)

All participants are active trainers and supporters of positive reward based training methods.  They all have experience in their “real lives” varying from veterinary business owners/small to medium business leaders, marketing and promotional professionals, human resources management and more which will make for a fantastic mix of skills to help grow and support graduates of the Delta course.

They all possess the passion and time commitment that is required to develop, implement and grow the Delta Institute and are more than ready to “roll up their sleeves” to make the Delta Institute the leading organisation in dog training in Australia and overseas.