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Delta Institute Code of Ethics


As a member of the Delta Institute, I will embrace, endorse and promote the philosophy of the Delta Society Australia, commit to upholding the highest ethical standards and abide by Delta Best Practice document.

I will use exclusively evidence-based, least-harm methods drawn from validated research in the fields of canine behaviour, learning theory and welfare.

I unreservedly reject the use of aversive training methods including raised voices, intimidation, leash corrections, strangling, alpha rolls, physical manipulation, spray bottles, startling noises & movements, hitting or in any other way creating pain, fear or increased stress in dogs.

I will only use and advocate methods that:

Do not cause harm or unnecessary stress to the dog, the owner or others

  • Promote the human-animal bond
  • provide immediate management to avoid unwanted behaviours and all potentially dangerous behaviours
  • Use only positive reinforcement techniques to teach desirable behaviours and redirect existing ones
  • Adhere to current best practice guidelines and standards

I will strive to incorporate all aspects of responsible dog ownership into my training programs and include materials that educate clients about their dog’s innate needs and behaviours.

I will not provide clients with a “diagnosis”, “prognosis” or “treatment plan” and will not provide guarantees about specific training outcomes such as assurance that problems will be resolved.

I will maintain the highest professional standard of business practice including:

  • Not breaching any applicable local, state or federal laws and regulations at any time
  • Maintaining appropriate detailed records for all my work and of clients and their dogs for 7 years
  • Respecting client privacy and confidentiality
  • Being prepared, punctual, presentable and professional in all my work
  • Not making false or misleading statements in relation to methodology in dog training and qualifications
  • Refraining from criticising other professionals or associations in public, social media or to our own clients
  • Ensuring I hold a current First Aid certificate

I will not represent myself as an official Delta or Delta Institute spokesperson without prior approval of the Delta Board of Directors.


Download a PDF version of the Code of Ethics here